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Whenever the wind passes over
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Author:  ylq [ Fri Oct 26, 2018 3:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Whenever the wind passes over

Whenever the wind passes over my face, I will think of the river in my hometown. Although I don't know the name of this river, it still flows in my heart!ybe I am a girl, I always like to roll up my trousers and sit on the bank of the river and put my feet in the river Newport Cigarettes. Suddenly, a cool stream flowed into my heart.the hot holiday, my sisters and I always went to the river to catch small fish and shrimp. I spent the holiday in this river. At the same time, I also love to wash my face with the cool river water, I feel very comfortable.
n I was in a bad mood, I always liked to spend a few flowers sitting on the bank of the river, while sipping songs and sprinkling petals, letting the petals drift further and further with the river. Sometimes, on a starry night, I always like to lie down under the tree on the bank of the river, listen to the "concert" of the little river girl and the little animals, look at the Milky Way in the sky, and imagine the beautiful legend of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl the weather is fine, sitting under the tree, the breeze blows through the leaves and makes a "sand sand" sound, and the river is still calm. river in my hometown, I love the river and bring me endless memories. Now, in the past, the time seems to be fixed in it: I raised my hand, covering the sun's light to me, looking into the river, or when the shimmering 5 years old, my father always gave me Tell the story of his childhood. Dad told me how much he hoped to have a stream flowing like a crop when he was a child Cheap Cigarettes, because he didn't have to work every day, and he didn't have to work so hard Cigarette Online. I were a creek, I would flow and flow to the front of the crop field to see the industrious people dripping down the sweat. I left the tears of sympathy and drove the water to the sister of the crop. Let the crops flourish. I saw the industrious people showing a smile and heard the sister of the crop saying thank you to me. I feel infinite happiness in my heart. was a creek, I would flow and flow to the desert. I saw a big tree with a yellow face and a yellow leaf. I also saw the flower sister slouching and lifting her face. As if to say: "Hot died, heat is dead, I can't stand it." I saw all this, and involuntarily shed tears again, pouring the listless flower sister and the big-breasted big brother. I got my tears. The big tree brother became tall and tall, as if to say to me: "Small sister thank you for saving me. The reason why I face jaundice is because the desert is too hot. I thought I would go this way. But your appearance has saved my life, I sincerely want you to say thank you." I heard the big tree brother, I felt very happy in my heart Cigarettes Cheaper. I were a creek, I would flow and flow into the water pipe. In winter, the water in the water pipe was frozen and ruthlessly. The water in the water pipe could no longer come out. I saw such a situation and I shed a warmth. Tears melted the ruthless ice. I saw people's smiles again.were a creek, I would flow and flow to.eally hope that I am a small stream Newport Cigarettes Price, flow to the place where I need to help those who need me.

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